Protocol for the 36th America's Cup

We now have the details around the 36th America's Cup protocol and confirmation of the class of boats, nationality rules and challenger series now being the Prada Cup. Specific details of the boat are still to be announced November 30 for the AC75 class concepts and all details for the AC75 class further released in March 31, 2018 but at the moment they will 75 foot monohulls with 10-12 crew members. 

We will continue to see world series events but no details on locations yet, both challenger and defender will be involved during 2019 to 2020 until the Prada Cup begins then Emirates Team New Zealand will only be able to test with their two boats until the America's Cup race begins March 2021. 

The location of the event has not been confirmed as Auckland yet due to infrastructure but is highly likely and added if some sort of natural disasters would happen the regatta would be moved to Italy, to give certainties to teams involved of backup plans.

The race course will not be within the Auckland harbour but will be close to shore around the Takapuna area and the length of the races will be longer than Bermuda but no more than 1 hour in length, also Cyclors are not banned from this event.

I have included the key points from the announcement below plus all the protocol and deed of gift documents can downloaded from this link.

  • The yachts will be monohulls, 75 feet long. Drawings and concept images will come on November 30, with the design rules announced by March 31 2018
  • 20 per cent of sailors in competing teams must have passports or be citizens of that team's country, and the rest must meet residency requirements.
  • Sailors must live in that team's country for 380 days between September 1 2018, to September 1 2020.
  • The event will held in Auckland in 2021, with boats set to arrive from 2019 - pre regattas will be held that year and in 2020. If Auckland is unable to host it - likely off Takapuna or Milford, on the North Shore - then it will go to Italy.
  • Teams will be allowed to build two boats.
  • Milan luxury fashion house Prada had secured the right to be the exclusive naming and presenting sponsor of all events comprising the 36th America's Cup including the Challenger Selection Series, which will called the Prada Cup.
  • The dates and venue of both the America's Cup match and The Prada Cup would be announced by August 31 next year. The intended venue is Auckland, with the Cup to be raced in March 2021, and the challenger series in January and February that year. 
  • Preliminary regattas will be raced internationally in 2019 and 2020 in the AC75 class boats, culminating with a Christmas regatta in December 2020. 
  • The hulls of the yachts must be laminated in the country of the competitor. The first boat can not be launched prior to March 31 2019, the second can be launched after the February 1, 2020.
  • No two boat testing will be allowed, except by the defender and then only during the period of racing in the challenger series.
  • Race management will be independent of event organisation led by the regatta director. The umpires and jury that will manage all on the water rules and disputes for all events.
  • There will be an independent measurement committee, while an arbitration panel will oversee and deal with all protocol disputes.
  • Luna Rossa will organise the challenger series, and Team NZ the America's Cup match.


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